What features make a home energy efficient?

We consume energy every day in our homes by turning on the lights, using our appliances and heating our home during winter. An energy efficient home uses less energy than other homes, helping to protect our environment and saving you more money on utility costs in the long run.

It’s important to understand what features make an impact on energy efficiency when you’re shopping for a new home.

The key ingredients to an energy efficient home are:

–  Airtight construction
–  High-performing windows
–  Air-sealing around windows, doors, electrical outlets and vents
–  LED lighting
–  High-performing equipment such as your furnace, air conditioner and water heater
–  ENERGY STAR appliances (fridge, clothes washer, dishwasher)
Better insulation in your walls, basement/slab and attic.

By making these small differences in your home, you can enjoy less noise coming in from outdoors as a result of better insulation in the walls, cleaner air from whole-house ventilation systems, lower utility bills as LED lighting uses less power than incandescent products, and more comfort when warm air is kept inside and moist air is prevented from entering the walls through a better air barrier sealed around your home.

Keep an eye out for homes with an EnerGuide label. That means a home evaluation has been completed by a third-party energy advisor who has visited the home to evaluate it’s energy performance. With an EnergGuide rating and home label, you have proof of the energy performance that is affixed to your electrical panel, which will be valuable when you decide to resell your home in the future as well.

In simple terms, an energy efficient home operates with less energy, saving you money and helping to protect our environment. All ARRIVE townhomes built by Partners Development Group have an EnerGuide™ label with GOLD certification with Built Green® Canada.

Learn more about our full range of energy efficient homes at www.arrivehome.ca.