The Scandinavian modernism style of ARRIVE at Redstone Way

An interview with the architect

ARRIVE at Redstone Way was crafted with sustainability, affordability and community gathering in mind. We recruited local company Gravity Architecture to understand our dreams for the space and to bring these to fruition through careful planning and coordination in partnership with the City of Calgary’s planning approvals process. Learn more about the architectural style, the site plan, and amenities in our interview below with Principal of Gravity Architecture, Trent Letwiniuk.

How does the Calgary climate impact the architecture and building materials?

Calgary winters require robust, durable buildings. Designing for our climate also satisfies Partners’ goals of providing timeless low-maintenance exteriors to their customers that continue to perform and look great season over season.

How would you describe the style of the architecture in ARRIVE at Redstone Way?

We were inspired by Scandinavian modernism to create a clean aesthetic comprised of simple, elegant forms and high-quality materials aimed to resonate with buyers of all ages. On this project we uniquely twisted the units within each building to create stepped and articulated facades that subtly create privacy between units without increasing costs or sacrificing density.

What are your favourite elements of the community?

The defining feature for us is the way we jogged the units within the buildings. This strategy has proven to be an effective way of creating stepped facade articulation that is entirely unique to Arrive at Redstone Way.

Partners has become known for creating communities with good amenities and spaces for homeowners to gather and become friends. How will ARRIVE at Redstone Way continue that legacy?

The homes in this townhome community are all serviced by surface parking, and as such it was critical to design safe, efficient pedestrian connections to deliver residents from the parking areas to their homes. The pedestrian pathways we’ve incorporated feature wide, shared sidewalks that will encourage interactions between residents, and the centrally located natural play area offers a place for adults and children to gather.

What was it like working with Greg and the team at Partners on this community?

Greg and the Partners team have a contagious passion for building high-quality, sustainable communities that make them a pleasure to work with. Partners holds themselves accountable to every one of their customers and we appreciate their commitment to finding the best possible outcomes.

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