Meet Dan, our Site Coordinator

Dan, Site Coordinator

Date you joined the Partners team: I was site super in Skyview Ranch and then I came back in a different job. It’s going on four years total now.

Job title: Site coordinator

How did you end up working for Partners? Or what inspired you to get involved in the homebuilding industry?

I’ve been in the building industry since my early 20’s during the late 80’s. There are a number of fellas I previously worked with that are at Partners now. One day I got a call from one of these guys, Jeff, and we worked together at another builder for almost ten years. It’s a good fit for us here. Condos are a different type of build that takes a group effort. Prior to working on condos, I had houses scattered over the city and would be driving all over the place. It’s easier and nicer to work in one spot.

What’s the best part of your role? What do you look forward to at work?

I like the early construction stuff. Checking and making sure the structure is all adequate with the building code. Servicing work.

What’s your favourite community built by Partners and why?

ARRIVE at Bowness because I grew up about a half a mile from there. There’s a duplex behind the site that I used to get my haircut at. I grew up just across the river from there.

What’s something that your colleagues may not know about you?

We’ve worked together for a long time. But they may not know that I’ve got a daughter that’s only 5ft 5. (I’m 6 ft 6.)

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I hike, bike and golf. A pretty active lifestyle.

What’s your favourite memory from your time working at Partners?

When I was working closely with Jeff and we were both on the same project and it was just like old times. In ARRIVE at Redstone, we worked together and we all gelled well together there.

Do you have any advice for first-time homebuyers?

Look at the quality of the company and the fabric of the company. You can tell it comes from the top down. Look at what they stand for. Their mission statement speaks to what they’re all about. The building structures are all the same – it’s the personable things and service that make us different from everybody else.

What’s the secret to building great homes? What makes Partners different to other companies?

It’s the culture and the camaraderie on site. If you have good negotiations with the trades and you gel as one whole group. I still talk to guys I worked with on the first site 4 to 5 years ago and they’re like relatives.