Introducing Tim Dubiel, VP Construction

Tim Dubiel

Date you joined the Partners team: January 19, 2015.

Job title: VP Construction.

What’s your favourite community built by Partners and why?

I am torn between two sites.  I started the Evanston site when I started with Partners and I also completed the Bowness site.  The Evanston site was a large site with a few grade challenges and when I drive through it makes me proud of how it all turned out.  The Bowness site was a smaller site with a city park that was a challenge at times.  The Bowness site went very smoothly and we finished it in just over a year.  Both make me proud to be a Partners employee and I think I am going to say they both are my favourite.

How did you end up working for Partners? Or what inspired you to get involved in the homebuilding industry?

I have been in the homebuilding industry for almost 30 years and have met a lot of people over the years.  Once I was introduced to Greg the owner and I could see his passion to build, I knew that I needed to work for Partners.

What’s something that your colleagues may not know about you?

I went to Medicine Hat College, took Business and played on the college hockey team.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I play a few sports.  I play hockey, slow pitch and golf.  My son is playing a high level hockey so I do a lot of watching hockey as well.

What’s the best part of your role? What do you look forward to at work?

My role is to be involved with all the sites from the beginning to the end. From the initial plan to the final sign off to the condo board.  In this process I see the trades building our homes and the Partners staff contributing to the process.  I have always brought a positive attitude to our work sites which really helps with getting the best product built.  I look forward to going to our sites and seeing all trades enjoying their role with Partners.  We do expect a lot from our staff and trades but we also enjoy what we do and when you combine those together we turn out some of the best homes in Calgary.

What’s your favourite memory from your time working at Partners?

I don’t have just one favourite memory.  I think the biggest thing for me is that every day when I’m on site or in the office we always have fun at work.  Our trades are awesome and we treat them like family so they are always involved with the fun we have.  It makes work not feel like work.

Do you have any advice for first-time homebuyers?

I think first-time homeowners need to enjoy their new home.  Not to sweat the small things and trust the homebuilder that they will take care of you.

What’s the secret to building great homes? What makes Partners different to other companies?

The secret is to have good quality trades.  The way you do this is treat your trades all fair and get them involved with the decisions so they are part of the homebuilding process.  Partners is different than most companies because we have fun at work.  I am a firm believer that we are at work more than we are at home and we need to make work enjoyable.  If you enjoy coming to a Partners site, you will do a better job and treat the site like it is your own.