Introducing our Safety Administrator, Lloyd

Lloyd Cliplef, Safety Administrator

Date you joined the Partners team:

I joined Partners as a full time employee in October of 2006, working at our Langdon Construction Site.

What’s the best part of your role? What do you look forward to at work?

Although the main focus of my role at Partners is administering our company safety program at our many construction sites, I enjoy the opportunity to work with other company departments including sales and marketing, site supervision, and special projects. We are a compact but mighty company, and everyone I work with at Partners is happy to perform multiple roles in order to offer the great end product that we do.

How did you end up working for Partners? Or what inspired you to get involved in the homebuilding industry?

I had been interested in energy efficient homes since the late 1980’s and had some rudimentary home design software that I engaged as part of my hobbies. In the early 2000’s I was working in computer sales and service. I started noticing that about every second or third customer that walked through the door was in the real estate or construction industry—so it was clear there was something substantial going on, there was opportunity. When computer margins began to tighten in late 2005, I made the decision to look for a job in new home construction. When I found out that Partners was moving in the direction of energy-efficient certified Built-Green homes, I was delighted to accept a position as an Assistant Site Supervisor.

What’s your favourite community built by Partners and why? (Past or present.)

Although there are many fine communities Partners has built over the years, my favourite is “Arrive at Bowness”, which won the 2017 Mayor’s Urban Design Award for Housing Innovation, and gave us the opportunity to work closely with Attainable Homes Calgary. Many facets of our business model synergized during this project, which at the outset had presented some distinct challenges: we were building architecturally modern buildings, in an established Calgary core-community, using some new building techniques, with a new production scheduling system, and some building sub-trades which had not worked for Partners previously; all this out of a site office about the size of a generous walk-in closet. Net Result: a truly beautifully finished product—affordable and desirable modern energy efficient homes! (And an award winner)

What’s your favourite memory from your time working at Partners?

My favourite memory from my time at Partners is when I was given the responsibility and the opportunity to mentor the company through the process of obtaining a professional safety certification issued by the Alberta Construction Safety Association—known as C.O.R.—and we underwent an external safety audit for the first time—and because it was our first safety audit, we were unsure of what to expect and there was a general level of anxiety, and then we found out that we had done really well!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

When I am not collaborating with my super team-mates at the best and most innovative new home builder in the city of Calgary, I enjoy entertaining and cooking dinners with family and friends, and watching movies and sporting events on the telly.

What’s something that your colleagues may not know about you?

That even if I won the lottery, I would still want to work at Partners!

Do you have any advice for first-time homebuyers?

Because of the value-for-money we build in to every Partners certified “Built-Green” home, you can upsize by down-sizing—get a down-size mortgage and upsize your lifestyle! New buyers will find that some “luxury” options from other home builders, which have additional costs, are included as standard finishes on a Partners’ home.

What’s the secret to building great homes? What makes Partners different to other companies?

The secret to building great homes is focusing on the homebuyer, and offering real value with smart design—from state-of-the-art material construction, offering energy efficient building envelopes and exteriors, to beautiful open-concept floor plans with standard upgraded finishing details and appointments. Partners is different than other builders because from the founding of the company, Partners’ owners have focused on keeping operating overhead at a manageable minimum and passing on the extra value to our preferred end-user: the very satisfied new home buyer!