Creating a healthier environment with underground waste disposal

We recently discovered underground waste disposal systems because they’re more environmentally friendly and more efficient than the garbage buildings or sheds you see in most multi-family communities. Since 2010, we’ve used curb side pick up in our developments because of that and with new technologies available, we are taking those in consideration when planning our communities.

We have Molok underground disposal systems conveniently located throughout our current ARRIVE communities for waste, recycling and compost.

The systems are 60% underground, saving space in the developments, reducing odours, and holding 20% more waste because gravity compresses the materials. We’re able to tailor the look of the containers so they blend in with their surroundings and they encourage cleanliness with all the waste fully contained and no need for shelters or other areas to collect loose items. When the systems are emptied, the waste is transferred smoothly, safely and quietly with a crane.

The company behind Molok systems says its deep collection system requires fewer emptying pick-ups, resulting in as much as a *44% decrease in collection time. The emptying vehicle is also smaller than tradition garbage trucks, creating a *15% decrease in fuel consumption and producing less emissions.

Furthermore, with the waste collection being silent compared to emptying surface bins, the Moloks systems can be emptied “after hours”, minimizing disruption to residents.

The systems also make composting really easy, reducing the amount of food waste going to landfill. To participate, residents can simply leave a small container in the kitchen to collect fruit and vegetable scraps, napkins, egg shells and coffee grounds, and then deposit their scraps into the designated Molok container within the community.

Refer to lot maps for positioning of the systems throughout our communities and please speak to one of our sales team if you have any questions.