Craftsman style the perfect fit for ARRIVE at Crestmont West

An interview with the architect

Our Crestmont West site presented some design challenges due to the slope of the land, servicing requirements, and our desire to provide a range of attached housing types within the space. Our friends at Gravity Architecture were up to the challenge! Learn more about how this beautiful energy efficient community came to life in our interview with Principal Trent Letwiniuk below.

How would you describe the style of the architecture in ARRIVE at Crestmont West?

The sloping site required an architectural style that would accommodate stepped residential units/buildings and varying rooflines, and we identified the Craftsman style as being particularly well-suited to that requirement.

What was it like working with Greg and the team at Partners on this community?

Greg and the Partners team have a contagious passion for building high-quality, sustainable communities that make them a pleasure to work with. Partners holds themselves accountable to every one of their customers and we appreciate their commitment to finding the best possible outcomes.

What influenced and inspired your work on ARRIVE at Crestmont West?

We designed a high-quality community that met our client’s goal of providing a variety of attached housing types to serve various aspects of the market within one development.  Unlike our other projects with Partners, this one incorporates two commercial buildings on the site as well, so our challenge was to integrate these buildings seamlessly within a largely residential development, while still preserving privacy.

Partners has become known for creating communities with good amenities and spaces for homeowners to gather and become friends. How will ARRIVE at Crestmont West continue that legacy?

We’ve incorporated a centrally located playground area with a large adjacent green space, along with a treed walking path where our development meets the east ravine. Arrive at Crestmont West provides extensive pedestrian pathways, allowing safe and intuitive connections within the development and to the surrounding amenities within Crestmont West. The community also features several landscaped green spaces with mature trees, and a fenced community garden equipped with water, power, and storage.

What are your favourite elements of the community?

We’re thrilled with the density and variety of units we have been able to achieve. This site presents many grading and servicing challenges, and with the rest of the consultants involved, we’ve produced a walkable, diverse development that utilizes the land well and was strongly supported by the City.

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