Behind the design of our new head office

An interview with Susan Wolf of Behind the Scenes Interiors.

What influenced and inspired your interior design work on the head office at Partners Development Group?

Our inspiration came from Greg, the owner of Partners Development Group. He is very connected to his roots, to where he started from, and we wanted that feeling to be created into their space with this design, to flow throughout the entire space. The design creates a solid foundation with beautiful stone work in the kitchen and reception area and then we played off of that to allow the modern elements to blend with that foundation.  The modern elements were inspired by the culture of the Partners team. They are a group of amazing people who are innovative, supportive, hardworking and love the simplicity of modern design.    

How would you describe the style of the office?

Rustic – Modern is the style of the office.

Browse a gallery of our office inspiration, products and the end result:

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What qualities do you look for when selecting furniture and decorative pieces?

We look for function first, linked with timeless style, blended with today’s trends.

What are your favourite items in the office?

Oh my gosh, there are so many favourites. Can I just mention them all? We love ALL of the lighting fixtures, and the kitchen and how it flows into the boardroom with the custom concrete boardroom table, which flows out into the stunning reception area with the beautiful waterfall.  The male washroom was a request from Greg to have something funky. And lastly, Greg’s office, we made it very homey and personal. 

What was it like working with Greg and the team at Partners?

It was incredible. We feel honoured to work with a company with such high standards and values.  The entire Partners team were ALL great to work with. They truly work as a team or as they say around their office: as a family.

What office design trends are you looking forward to in 2019?

Well it really depends on each client and project.  But the trends appear to be lending itself more to simplicity. Technology has changed office design somewhat, so simplicity is easier to obtain.  Clients also want comfortable spaces.

Tell us a little bit about your company.

Behind the Scenes Interiors is a small interior design company, working in the Okotoks and Calgary area. We work with clients on both small- and large-scale projects, from consulting, to designing and project management.  Behind the Scenes Interiors is a company that puts its clients first and foremost. We take pride in helping our customers achieve their goals and we love to create beauty in our world.